#7 My inspiration… ACTORS


At a convention, I got the chance to ask the actors Travis Aaron Wade and Mark Pellegrino for advice for immersing artists and creatives.
Travis first told me that being an actor means studying and understanding people and that an actor’s/artist’s path isn’t a clearly defined one but a constantly winding road that holds a lot of surprises. He moved on to saying that we all end up right where we belong at the right time, when we are ready to understand and appreciate the things in our lives. After all, everyone should work hard for their success and the most important thing to remember is to never give up, keep going and trust the process, because hard work and persistence will both eventually pay off.
Mark answered my question while I stood right next to him on stage. He told me that every artist has a responsibility to observe and to comment on what is happening in the world, that we have to believe in our individuality and our own voice. Having an opinion and being able to express that is fundamentally important. His advice really agreed with me and my view on art and culture as he stressed how important it is to go your own way while being your true self.
Overall, it was incredibly beautiful to get honest advice from the people I have admired and looked up to  in a long time for what they have achieved in their professional and creative careers. Now I also look up to them as human beings for staying down to earth and kind.


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2 Comments on “#7 My inspiration… ACTORS

  1. :) Freut mich, dass er dir so gefällt! <3

  2. Danke das ich deinen Eintrag Posten darf :) genau deine Worte geben im großen und ganzen das wieder was ich denke und fühle. Danke schön <3