#6 Reminder to self

It scares me how deeply concerned I am that I could ever lose myself, that I am awaiting the morning I wake up only to realize that my entire life and everything I ever did was one big mistake. It’s maybe part of growing up at this time, where we just don’t seem to know who we are and what we want.
We have no other option left than to embrace the freedom, the falling, the twisting and turning. It is so much better to go out and explore new grounds and risk failure than to stay locked inside our heads in fear. We just have to be confident and aware of the fact that we can always come back to where we started, because we are not driven by outside forces but guided by what’s within us – always. We might be lost but we will never lose ourselves, because we can’t lose who we are.

At the same time we have to loose ourselves and venture out, go out and dream, go out and explore, dance, jump, sleep and enjoy life – and do everything we are afraid to do.


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