#2 The truth about CREATIVITY

The harsh truth about being creative is that you either

A don’t have time for it
B don’t have the motivation to do things even if you have amazing ideas
C find excuses to do other ‘more important’ stuff (most of which you have procrastinated on in the exact same way)
or D become frustrated, because you are a f#@!ing perfectionist and things never turn out exactly the way you want to

*or E (which actually used to be my backup plan for the longest time) make everyone believe that you are a one-of-a-kind-lazy-can’t-get-your-ass-out-of-bed-while-you-never-get-anything-done-loser while you secretly create a body of work the world has never seen before by not creating anything and calling it art so people question the purpose of life, the foundations of society and the values and beliefs they’ve held onto so tightly up until the day that you blew their minds and made them realize what the actual meaning of existence is when they walked into your exhibition showing nothing.

(…just sayin’) ;)


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