#1 Reminder to self

Motivation can be best described as a state of mind that leads to action. Whatever we do in life, in order to make it work, we need to become active. Of course, we can just sit and wait for fate to step into the game and make all of our dreams come true and we can’t deny that eventually something – or rather ANYTHING – is going to happen. It’s just that waiting inevitably leads us to giving up all of our autonomy, because we can’t control when, where and how things are going to unfold and fit into our lives.

That’s life, one could say. Things just happen. They come out of nowhere unpredictably and challenge us constantly. They are thrown at us from all over the place and life never fails to come up with new, unimaginably random or cruel or even ironic things to confuse us and to give us a hard time. Why should we even bother to invest energy into building or creating something in the first place if it is pretty much destined to fail? Isn’t it so much easier to hand over the responsibility for our life to the circumstances shaping it anyways?

We can’t influence other people, what they do, say or think. We can’t influence the things that are fixed in nature, in society and simply by being human. But we can control our own actions. In that sense, what we do, our ever-changing ideas, actions, and behaviors, ironically become the only constant in our life and ultimately the only thing we can truly rely on. If we exist, we will act.

Obviously, we do not only struggle with the action but with getting started in the first place. We love what we already know, we love security, we love predictability, we love avoiding risks at all costs. We don’t want to do things that could possibly lead to failure and cause us pain. But is it really better to not do anything ever just because we are scared of a hypothetical result that possibly might not please us? Is it safer to not even dare to do anything despite the ground-breaking possibilities it could bring?

Failure is an opportunity. It’s just a matter of perspective.

Every mistake gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We have to take a step back and look at ourselves, at what we did and our decisions. We are forced to build an active connection to our lives and to who we are. This means that we can learn from any experience and if we stay open to embrace the opportunities embedded in anything crossing our way, including the things we have created (or failed to create), there is no failure. It just becomes a way of learning, broadening our horizon, growing as a person, nothing undesirable or even life-destructing. It becomes natural, necessary, something that makes us think more critically and in completely new ways. It becomes an inspiration if we are willing to take it as such and the ultimate way to becoming a better human being in every sense possible, someone who is not afraid to act, but a person who goes out following their heart and dreams to get SOMETHING done – and not just ANYTHING.


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