I am Vila, a mythical being trying to understand this strange world. The only thing that makes sense to me is creating art. Follow me on my path and discover my pieces.

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The art of living

This is a site about artistic processes, dreams and self-exploration.

From the moment we are old enough to comprehend what is going on around us, we are repeatedly and emphatically taught that everything in this world has a certain purpose, a place, an order, a rule or a law to abide – and that we are not excluded from this. The problem about this mindset is not that is exists in the first place – it simply proves that we constantly need and long for safety and something to hold on to – but the problem is the belief in its superiority over every other aspect of our lives.

We are afraid of slowdown and silence.

If there is a flood of information rushing towards us, it inevitably requires all of our time, energy and attention. There is no room for thinking about other things. And if we constantly deal with urgent problems of that kind, we are very well able to omit the questions that are a little less easy to answer than what to wear today or even how to pay the bills, questions that might actually challenge us for more than seven seconds and move us an entire lifetime, because they touch on something more profound and closer related to who we really are as a human being, a person, an individual and not just a consuming, replaceable part of society.

The word art itself seems like an empty shell, a mere accumulation of letters.

The question that arises in this context deals with the essence of art itself. What could art be in a world that offers so many ways of pleasure and sensory fulfillment that we can hardly decide where to look? We are drowned by images, moving pictures, sounds, things we desperately need to own and people we are told to consider beautiful. Nothing is new to us, everything has crossed our way before – somewhere, somehow. Making a distinction based on value seems virtually impossible which results in feelings of confusion and rising indifference. Still, we expect more. The information keeps flowing and we need it. We have learned to transfer our responsibility for thinking, for choosing what to look at and what to focus on to technology in order to have more time for more important things – whatever those may be.

The only thing we can certainly say is that art is a product that materializes and manifests itself in unique, time-specific shapes.

Art used to be something we valued, honored, praised, something that moved us to tears and made us burst with joy, something that made us scream out loud and fall silent in awe, something that seemed transcendental and yet so fundamentally linked to the time, place and people creating it. Art used to be a unique and carefully rendered concentration of the essence of a time, a feeling, an attitude, an expression of zeitgeist. Today, it is hard for us to make it out, because pieces of art are born into a world that has learned to disguise and sell its various outputs as something more valuable than they actually are, enslaving the workings of art itself.


The art of dreaming

Dreaming is not a temporary condition or action, dreaming is a way of life.

In a world that teaches us to leave out our imagination and stay rational and focused on (what we consider) the ‘important things’, there is only one place to retreat into: our own mind. Despite the common assumption, we do this all the time, in fact every night and even multiple times during the day when our thoughts suddenly, uncontrollably drift away into unknown directions. In these dreams, we explore our life from various perspectives, envision our deepest desires, we cross boundaries, overcome obstacles, tackle the truth and tempt fate.

We do the impossible.

Thus we can think of dreams as links to another world, a sphere that lies somewhere outside of our range of perception. But on the other hand, dreams can be viewed as biological processes triggered by our (literally) nervous system which otherwise could never cope with the various influences, the inescapable impressions and expressions of the world surrounding us. Our minds process what we were not able to comprehend and take a hold on while being awake. Hence, it is not surprising that our dreams connect our most powerful emotions and gut instincts to rational thoughts and examinations of the inner workings of our heart and mind.

This ambiguity between body and soul, heart and mind, dream and reality reappears in various ways shaping every aspect of our being. It is essential to our lives, to everything we do and to everything surrounding us.

Dreams have the power to relieve stress, they can calm us, strengthen us, give us hope and connect our (sub)consciousness to our fantasies. Sometimes they make us feel insecure, they make us face our biggest fears, they arouse us, provoke our thoughts, literally awake us. The way they make us feel can have a huge impact on our lives and the way we see things if we find a way to take a hold of our dreams.

Dreams are impulses, pure energy, channeled into thoughts, ideas, actions.

We need dreams, but they also need us, the dreamers.


The artist

The one who constantly creates

A dreamer lives a thousand lives all at once, he rushes through his own thoughts time and time again, builds entire worlds from his imagination and tears them to the ground again. But all the while, he never considers anything impossible. Not for a single moment. Because he is free from the limitations of our world, he is able to create and live by his own rules.

I consider myself an artist, a creator and story-teller.

In desperate need for a definition of art (which is a testament to the way this world has left its marks on my own thoughts) I have come to decide to view it as expression itself, a product, a materialization of dreams as I have mentioned before. Art is struggle, fear, war, insecurity, victory, pride, joy, gratitude, love…

In this way, art becomes many things to many people, it cannot be defined, and that makes it so powerful.

Art and dreams have become inseparable to me: dreams as ideas, ways of self-exploration and the roots of my inspiration adding depth and a surreal, dark vigor to my work and art as the final expression, the link to the world around me, the mirror, the inevitable way of coming to life – for my dreams and myself.

You have to live your dreams, because no one else will do it for you.

Experiencing doubt, fear, self-alienation and strong ‘negative’ feelings in general is a natural part of life and thereby of the process of creating. However, I still believe that any feeling or mood can and eventually will add to the final value and authenticity of the expression contained in a piece of work. Every time I start a new project, I explore the world that surrounds me and the world inside of me in a new way through challenging myself to push further, to take on a new view, to do something I have never done before to make these worlds collide… to follow my dreams into places no one has ever been before.


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