#5 My inspiration… LITERATURE

I had never been into reading until the day I started my first novel by Hermann Hesse. That was probably the moment that not just changed my attitude towards books and literature but also towards life – for good, and I am glad there is no way back.
Ever since that day, I have been deeply in love with classic literature and writers, especially those who have the ability to touch your heart irrespective of your age, social background or the stage of life you are at. They all have something in common that reaches further than style and genre… They all have the unique ability to capture the human experience and what it means to be a person who deeply suffers and passionately indulges in life despite the fact that their work and the characters in it are not real.

There is something fascinating and even magical in every work of fiction, but the unique aspect about books is that they give us the opportunity to go back in time, to reread entire passages and portions of someone’s life. We are in control. We get to decide how slowly or fast the story unfolds and unlike real life we can just pause it and slow things down if they get too overwhelming. We can read the same book a dozen times and it will tell a different story every single time, because we are different and our experiences change us as long as we exist. We get to dive right into a different reality and step out for a moment whenever we want to. We are part of the story while we are also a quiet observer. At the same time written stories leave plenty of room for our imagination, because words are more abstract and therefore a lot less definite than pictures.

Those are the most important reasons I have decided to read whenever I can (at some point even I got sick of staring at my phone 24/7 or looking at people staring at theirs) and there are incredible moments and lessons to learn from everything in life – especially from books.


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